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Friday, February 13, 2009

What does the future hold for my art?

And what of the future of David A. Martin Jewelry?
What do i see coming out of Earthship Studio in the coming year?

Well, hopefully more of the same, that is, more of the new!

I have been exclusively designing and fabricating my own jewelry in my own studio for a year now. It's been a good year, a very creative time. So i see myself making more unique one of a kind pieces. I'm also working on a few designs which will require less intricate fabrication and cut back on my time. I'm looking to add a line of designs that are less expensive and in a fashion, more replicable to reach a broader customer base. My hope in doing this is to create more abundance and a wider arena for greater expression and connectivity in the art world which i hope translates into making a higher percentage of my living through artistic creativity.

I also have a show in 2010 at the Sangre De Christo Arts and Conference Center in Pueblo, Colorado with local artists Randy Wix and Justin Reddick. They are multi-media modern abstract painters who have asked me to compliment their work with some of my own. I'm actually not thinking of using jewelry as my medium for that show, but have been working with some designs for wall pieces, but still integrating metal and stone. The working theme of the show, currently, is The Industrial Revolution, so it should be fun. I'd like to work in some fossils and found metal, silver and ciefenite.

I have a patchwork quilt of a novel i'd like to tighten up and get a decent first draft of too this year.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing your new creations. I'm still squirreling money away for that ring that I covet of yours (oh yes, it will be mine). Congrats on the joint show, it sounds fantastic. I hope you share photos.

  2. Thanks, Lisa, I will. I've been creative lately and busy with much work, but i will post new things and new photos soon. Thanks. Good luck on the money squirreling!

  3. It sure is nice to see "the man behind the curtain" for a change. Looking well brother. I am happy you are getting the opportunities to continue your craft. Keep up the good work.