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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Art Outreach: Humanitarian Help For Haiti

So much of my work involves the beauty of the earth it's colors, textures, the senses which come alive and sing secret songs when particular elements and attributes are composed in a different arrangements.

The beauty of this has never escaped me and has in fact informed much of the work I do with a unifying and connecting sensibility. It adds meaning to the work I do. I see myself as one of those integral and intertwined elements of this one big song, this uni-verse.

In Honor of this, 10% from all purchases from my shop will be donated in the name of the purchaser to a recognized or specified verifiable non-profit dedicated to humanitarian efforts and relief in Haiti's devastated Port Au Prince region.

Your purchase will have manifold levels of satisfaction as the things we do will have a global enhancing effect, an act of positive direct solidarity and an affirmation of humanities highest human values, that of love and care of others.

Thank you,