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Saturday, April 10, 2010

"dark earth blossom" featured in Etsy Treasury

Mori Kemen Lokte

This mythical piece is currently included in an Treasury compiled by the Gufobardo shop. The collection holds a variety of wonderful handmade items with a nice theme that one can feel when looking through the items contained there. They would all compliment each other very well.

...dark & mysterious, Elvish but darkly so, Sauronic yet beautiful...there is a touch of everything in this piece, it is very earthen and metallic with touches of underworld subtlety, organic, even floral unfurling in the upper beaten brass portion . . . speaks of power, yet also grace . . . a sense of tremor and trial, but also of flow . . . the iron hold of deaths surety and the ethereal triumph of new life's promise . . .

This ring began as a found bullet casing.

Once beaten into a new form it became the base of a silver bezel with black patina holding a Serpentine cabochon in it's dark embrace.

A gnarly and complimentary wood-grain textured silver band with a matching black patina was affixed giving this piece a very unique character.

"mori kemen lokte" is Tolkienian Elvish for "dark earth blossom"

It is a size 8

The Treasury can be viewed at at the link below:

Friday, April 9, 2010



I am in need of some extra cash to fund a few of my dream seeds and I am trying to manifest it in a short amount of time. As a gesture of gratitude to the Universe (that's you) I am asking that if you are interested in any piece of mine (yes, any!) that you please write to me on etsy or on facebook and make me an offer (I'm serious!).

I am in an EXTREMELY generous mood because I am seeking EXTREME generosity from the Universe.

Like they say "It doesn't hurt to ask."