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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Creating Little Treasures

I find that these things i make, especially the rings are like little treasures to me. The finished product is a little ornate treasure, something with enough strength and integrity of design to withstand quite a journey through time. Sometimes i think of them as time capsules, they hold so much of my mind and imagination in them, they are like songs made of silver and stone, sung in a very private language which would be hard for me to translate to another being. I have tried and i think it helps shed light on me and my mind and my personal mythos, but my hopes are that others see my jewelry and hear their own amazing songs and stories, that these pieces speak to others in ways impossible for me to quite fully understand.

If i were to have to choose my favorites (and i have been pressed to do such a thing) i'd have to say Companion Ring 1

or The Path Illuminated.

I mean, these two rings are very special to me because they are both "firsts" in new directions in design and style for me. These two rings, particularly, are very recognizable markers for me because they are primary manifestations of my initial work within a certain frame of mind or associative concept between the material world and my imagination.

Right now i am moving into new things. My Poppy and Citron Blossom Ring is one new direction (see my earlier archived blog about it), but i have more going on. The studio iss a very creative place, well, maybe it's my mind that is the creativity center, but the manifestation happens in the shop.

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