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Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer Crush

RESERVED for BluejayWinddancer ONLY - "Summer Crush" Pendant
RESERVED for BluejayWinddancer ONLY - "Summer Crush" Pendant RESERVED for BluejayWinddancer ONLY - "Summer Crush" Pendant RESERVED for BluejayWinddancer ONLY - "Summer Crush" Pendant RESERVED for BluejayWinddancer ONLY - "Summer Crush" Pendant
Summer Crush
Sterling Silver (Antique Patina)
Orange Carnelian, Prehnite, Green Tourmaline

This pendant was inspired when I was playing with materials in the studio during this last part of summer, moving stones and objects about in combinations on the work table, listening to an R.E.M. station on Pandora as well as listening to the materials for some connection to speak to me measuring. 

The songs Orange Crush and Crush With Eyeliner came on in rather close succession and that ancient mammalian Pattern Recognition skill in the brains of hunter gatherers kicked in spotting this orange carnelian cabochon cut and polished last year.  These song is such a summer song to me, and the greens of Life in summer, the long leaves of the willows or spherical park acacia's swaying in the breeze, the summer grasses
. . . I began to create a piece of art with words first: Orange Crush, Summer Grass . . . and unrequited infatuated summertime love comes in with Orange Crush in the Summer . . . from the Crush With Eyeliner inspiration of hot, cool, hip love interests . . .

Despite the Orange Crush's alleged references to Agent Orange and Michael Stipes fathers service in Viet Nam, and to me it will always be mixed up in my mind with Crush With Eyeliner (R.E.M. just has this Orange Crush connection) an always invoke meanings associated with Summer, Orange Crush soda, lying in the summer grass, bouyant sensations, bubbly-ness, brightness and birds (Emerald Green Swallows) flying over me, and how I loved flying and dreams of flying and these little birds were like flying dreams that I, high on summer in a country just like heaven, could imagine soaring both over me as well as in my expanded wild child heart . . .

"(Over me, not over me)
Comin' in fast, over me"

so then i began creating leaf or feather forms and it all started to come together, shifting the leaves or feathers to "bird" them up a bit and placing the bail in a way that the piece will hang at a swooping angle lending the piece movement or a still-life spirality,  brought about as much of my inspiration and vision to the piece as I felt possible . . . then the small green Tourmaline was added as an element of eye, inner eye of the dreamer, and the shine of the swallows with the darker green bringing the swallows green depth and the deep "green" of the inner creative to create a form both shining and dark and capable of reflecting and channeling light. 

Pendant measures 1&1/4" x 1&3/4" and the necklace or chain in the photos is not included.

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