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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Unautumna / First Yellow Leaf of Autumn

Unautumna / First Yellow Leaf of Autumn

Unautumna / First Yellow Leaf of Autumn
Each year I have a habit of keeping an eye out for the First Yellow Leaf. It's a ritual which has emerged naturally from a practice of Locality Mindfulness. It fosters a sense of place and seasonality in my soul.

Autumn is such a juxtapositional time of transition, a beginning and and end. It often feels like a melancholy double-exposure. One foot is firmly planted in Summers ripeness and abundance, and the other foot is coldly planted in Winters season of silent reserve.

I celebrate many personal holy days, and one is First Yellow Leaf of Autumn. Another is First Snow. In a few months I will be longing to celebrate First Leaf, but for now, the foothills are mostly swathed in green, but the time of the turning leaf is in full blaze in higher elevations.

Large stone is Imperial Jasper, small stone is a Goldenrod Jasper.

The upper bezel is Gold and the lower bezel is Sterling Silver as are the shank and leafy design elements.

There is a light patina to this piece as seemed fitting, but the gold bezel also looks nice polished up brightly. Let me know if this is your preference and I'll polish it up before shipping.

This ring is large, most likely a mans ring, and can be worn in either direction.

Ring Size: 11


  1. I gasped when I opened this in my feed reader. A beautiful piece! That yellow stone is just amazing.

  2. Thank you lisa! I cut and polished it myself. It is a favorite ring of mine. Thank you for joining up on my blog too. I will be posting a bit more often for awhile, i got behind with other work and actually making jewelry and need to do my blogging work too. Thank you for your continued interest. let me know if you blog about this piece (or others) and I will link to you on my facebooks etc.